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Childhood in Montenegro

Don’t move to Montenegro because of the climate!

The tender summer sun and mild winter are not the reason you should try buying a property in Montenegro.

What are your children doing now?

We care about them and we will tell you why you need to invest in buying real estate on the shore of the Adriatic sea. 

  1. A healthy glow, hearty appetite, and a strong immune system – your children will be full of energy! They will stop spending time playing games on their gadgets. The pleasant ambient temperature all year round and beautiful scenery will put your child in the surroundings of the perfect childhood of the 21st century, the «golden standard» of the one you used to have as a child: fun team games and joyful pastimes with friends outside.
  2. Late evening mini football with boys or secret talks with girls from the neighbour streets are safe here. Towns in Montenegro are famous for their lack of criminal activity. They are completely safe comparing for example to the Russian locations at the Black sea coast. 
  3. Childhood in Montenegro is a successful future for your child. Real Estate here has been in high demand among the Russians for the last few years. Peers of your children will be well-educated, polite, open-minded Russian children of successful parents. Here you can lay the perfect foundation for their future. 
  4. Do you often have to stay home because your child is sick again? The outbreaks of infectious diseases are exceptionally rare in Montenegro. Nature saves the country from viruses, and a strong immune system of children and adults does not give a chance to high fever or cough. Montenegro has almost avoided the spread of pandemic COVID-19 while it was striking the whole world.
  5. Are you tired of looking at the «synthetic products» on the shelves of supermarkets? Are you constantly looking for healthy food for you and your child? Montenegro does not have any kind of such problems. Excellent local cuisine offers dishes cooked with the freshest lamb, veal, fish, seafood, and vegetables, which is one more reason for the happy childhood of your offsprings. 
  6. Is your child’s leisure time limited by the screen of the smartphone? You don’t know how to engage them during weekends? Parents, who have decided to move to Montenegro don’t face any of these problems. There is swimming, walks by the sea, fishing and camping in the mountains in the summer. Guided tours and photoshoots – in the autumn. Alpine skiing – in winter. A wide range of seasonal flowers, wonderful fragrances, sceneries, and more pictures are waiting for you during the spring. There’s fresh air all year round.
  7. Montenegro is a country that gives your children the most precious  – yourself! Spending time together with your children, outdoor games, pure mountain air, sea air, and high-quality groceries, all of this will help you to stay perfectly healthy. Are you dreaming of living a long life and becoming a grandmother or grandfather? This country will give you an opportunity to live to see your grandchildren and grand-grandchildren. 

Lots of sunny days, pleasant summer breeze, mountain landscapes will let you enjoy your time outdoors and feel free, the feeling you have forgotten about since the end of the last century. Walking by the shore of Budva under the setting sun and blossoming cherry trees and holding your daughter’s hand or skiing with your sun at Kolasin resort will give you the feeling of eternal happiness, which is much closer than it seems.