Продажа земельных участков в Черногории по выгодным ценам
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Real estate Montenegro

Montenegro. A small country located at the Adriatic seashore. 

The stability of the geopolitical situation and other numerous amounts of unique qualities of the country benefit the demand for the real estate there for the foreign citizens. 

The legislation is constantly changing to adapt to the needs of the foreign citizens who live in Montenegro. The government is keen to develop an adequate system of tourism and entrepreneurship. 

In this regard acquiring real estate in Montenegro is an easy process even among foreigners. Anyone can freely purchase land, a building, or a park for private use.

Many people who want to make a profitable investment have been using the demand for real estate in Montenegro as leverage lately. The most efficient investment by far is construction on one’s land or joint construction by landowners. Our company is highly skilled in searching and finding appropriate land plots according to the requirements of the client without the help of real estate agencies, thus always below the market price.

The sale of land plots for individual or commercial construction has a constant upward trend. For example, the amount of real estate purchases is 8 percent higher than the amount in 2015 (CGstat data). 

There are several types of land categories in Montenegro divided based on the utilization:

  • Urbanized land – where construction is permitted,
  • Non-urbanized land – where construction is not permitted,
  • Green zone – land plan with restrictions for real estate construction according to the Spanish convention about the first line.

You need to be careful with the acquisition of the land because often the landowners are trying to get rid of their non urbanized land included in the green zone.

Your advantages of using our services for the selection process:

  • The prices for the land are always real,
  • The process does not involve agencies or realtors,
  • We choose only the land suitable for construction because the construction company which builts on the non urbanized land has its license revoked.

We can always consult you completely free on the buying of the land in Montenegro.