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What diseases you can find in Montenegro? The power of the sea, the Sun, and the mountains prevents infections like Coronavirus and other viruses.

Montenegro is resistant to diseases and these are not just empty words. According to the RBC, Montenegro was the last European country where a person contracted coronavirus. People diagnosed with the infection had visited the countries with a pandemic outbreak. 

 Bald statistics of the coronavirus spread on the territory of the country on 11th of May 2020:

cases – 324

recovered – 274

deaths – 9 (the number is taken from the official statistics, which can give an incorrect perception of the real situation. Some deaths from pneumonia and other viruses are included in the number making the real figure for coronavirus stand for 2-3 people)

Statistics for Russia as of the same date

cases – 221 000

recovered – 39 000

deaths – 2000

Even considering the population of the two countries the numbers speak for themselves. Montenegro is a country where conscious citizens live. It is closed (in a good way) to the stranger’s visits. Nobody risks their personal safety here or their family’s and friends’ health. 

And besides coronavirus?

How do you feel after a weekend at the country house? Pure air, a comfortable amount of physical activities, and dishes made from fresh products. You get a healthy glow, get rid of headaches, and recharge your batteries for the upcoming week. You feel marvellous.

How do people who chose to live in Montenegro feel? Do they get sick? There is just one disease – love for life. People here are resistant to cardiovascular disease, problems with the musculoskeletal system, allergies, asthma, and other widespread diseases.

Why the life span of people in Montenegro is longer than in Russia and the level of the infection incidence is lower?

Crucial factors:

  • the subtropical climate, a significant amount of sunny days per year, thus more possibilities to spend time outside
  • the water of the Adriatic sea contains the ideal level of salt (38mg per 1 gram of water)
  • Both seawater and tap water are clean and healthy with a perfect chemical composition
  • lush vegetation and a great number of national parks
  • national cuisine consisting of fresh local vegetables, fruits, and organic meat: lamb, veal, and pork.
  • hot springs  
  • active sports all year round (jogging, swimming, windsurfing, diving, and alpine skiing)
  • a lot of resorts and spas
  • low criminality level

Subjective factors (not least important):

People who live here from birth see the sun, the sea and mountains every day – everything that they need for happiness. People who come to live here from other countries appreciate this much stronger because they know about heavy traffic, stress, rushing, and contaminated air firsthand. Being able to go on vacation once a year only if the permission is granted by one’s boss and there is enough money to go. 

Moving to Montenegro and building a property by your own design there, is a decision that will constantly be a reminder that dreams come true and it is possible to give your children a healthy and successful future. 

Thinking of a townhouse outside the city, maybe even the country? 

A home in a closed housing estate is a dream which will come true.

We are not just building houses, we are doing everything to create a comfortable life by the sea for you.

We are confident that only the property built by Adriatic Point can give you tranquility and comfort. We will answer all your questions and resolve all your doubts about moving to Montenegro. 

The main idea of Adriatic Point is to help people provide a comfortable life in Montenegro from all aspects, thus our elite housing estate is not only square meters:

  • 10-20 houses on the well-managed closed territory
  • 24/7 security
  • individual heating, plumbing, and other systems 
  • a proper terrace for the late dinners outside with friends and family
  • cleaning company for your comfort
  • individual engineering and design 
  • natural stone facing or possibility to choose other materials
  • professional team of animators and baby sitters for your children 
  • sophisticated Russian-speaking neighbours 
  • an individual guide which will help you to choose the best school or kindergarten
  • legal help for the property purchase
  • comfortable playgrounds and sites
  • peaceful and friendly environment outside the village, low crime level in the whole country
  • the sea, the mountains, national parks and pure air for the healthy and happy life

Adriatic Point team knows how difficult it is for some of you to make a decision to move to another country, that is why our offer and our services will facilitate the process and make your life easier.

Our clients move from Russia to Montenegro and enjoy warm days at the sea during summer and ski resorts during winter at any time of the week. A Lot of people move together with the whole family or even families of friends and live nearby in the same closed estate. There is an important reason for this. The price of the elite property in Montenegro is lower than the same size property at the Black Sea in Russia and the quality speaks for itself. You can see the prices of already built houses from Adriatic Point.

«Wouldn’t it be nice to live by the sea?» – if you have been constantly asking yourself this question for a couple of years or more, there is only one way to get closer to fulfilling your dream. You can study our offers for your future property in Montenegro now.

We wish you a happy life by the sea!

Sincerely yours 

Adriatic Point