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Land plots in Risan for residential construction

The development concept for this investment project is the creation of an elite gated community. The project provides for the construction of several private villas with swimming pools, 2-3-storey townhouses with a communal pool, parking, a playground, a 24-hour security room with video surveillance.

Plot prices vary from parcel size and range from EUR 80 to EUR 100 per m2 or 70 Euros per m2 or 460,000 Euros for the entire plot.

The plot offers a beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor. The plot has a cascade structure, due to which all villas and townhouses have a 100% sea view.

The design also provides for the establishment of a management company that provides maintenance of public and private areas, pool maintenance, round-the-clock security and offers a full range of services to meet the needs of real estate owners.

1. Parcels: Kotor, Risan-I, Urban Plots numbers (square metres): UP 450 (1087), UP449 (1238), UP455 (629), UP454 (453), UP453 (615), UP452 (775).

2. The exact name of the detailed urban plan or studio location, which covers the area: Kotor, Risan-I.

3. The numbers of cadastral plots (parcels) which the plot consists of: 721/5, 721/1, 721/6, 721/3, 721/4, 722/1, 721/2.

4. Designed for the construction of 6 villas with plots from 453 to 1,238 square metres.

5. Locality: Risan.

6. Land area: total 6,587 m2.

7. Distance to sea, metres: 500 m.

8. The slope of the plot (or – the elevation difference on the plot) and the nature of the landscape slope: even terraces.

9. Availability of municipal services at the land or in the immediate vicinity:
– water supply available.
– power supply available.
10. Is there a road leading to the land allowing full access for the construction machinery: yes.

11. The presence of buildings on the land: on the land UP 449 – a destroyed house.

12. Parameters of the land according to the accepted urban indicators:
– The maximum permitted gross area of construction (BGRP): – use of the land area (index zauzetosti): 0,2.
– build-up coefficient of index izgradjenosti: 0,6.

13. Number of facilities permitted for construction on the site: 8.

14. Purpose of objects: tourist facility.

15. Permitted number of floors: 3 (S + P + 1).

16. Decision on location, available.

17. Decisions on arranging municipal services (road, water, electricity, sewage) available.

18. The conceptual design of construction facilities on the land (3D visualization sufficient) available.