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Childhood in Montenegro

Childhood in Montenegro

Gentle summer sun and mild winter – this is not something worth buying property in Montenegro for.
This article, written with care for them, will tell you why it is really worth investing in square meters on the Adriatic coast.
Fresh blush, enviable appetite and strong immunity – your children will be healthy! They will stop spending an unacceptable number of hours on smartphones and gadgets. The most photogenic landscapes, pleasant air temperature in any season will bring the childhood of a child of the 21st century closer to the “gold standard” of the days of your youth: team games, fun outdoor activities with your best friends.
Late in the evening playing football on the playground with the boys or having a secret with the girls from the next street is safe here. The cities of Montenegro, in contrast to the settlements of the Black Sea coast of Russia, are famous for the extremely low level of criminalization of society.
Childhood in Montenegro is a successful future for your child. In the past few years, real estate in the country has been in high demand among Russians. Your child’s environment here is well-mannered, educated, versatile Russian-speaking children of successful parents. It is here that you can lay the best foundation for a secure future for your child.
Do you often miss kindergarten or school due to illness? Outbreaks of infectious diseases are extremely rare in this country: nature “protects” Montenegro from viruses, and the strong immunity of children and adults leaves no chance for cough and high fever. Even the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, which caused irreparable damage to the population of other countries of the world, practically did not affect the inhabitants of Montenegro.
Are you tired of seeing “artificial products” on store shelves? Are you always looking for healthy food for yourself and your child? In Montenegro, there is no problem with this. The chic national cuisine with its dishes of the freshest lamb, veal, fish, seafood and local vegetables is another reason for your child’s happy childhood.
Is your child’s world limited by a smartphone screen? Don’t know what to do with your kid on the weekend? Parents who decide to move to Montenegro do not know such a problem. In summer – swimming, boat trips, fishing and camping in the mountains. In autumn – sightseeing tours and photographs. In winter – skiing. In the spring – incredible flowers, aromas, landscapes and again photos! Fresh air all year round!
Montenegro is a country that will give your children the most precious thing – yourself! Joint pastime, active games in nature, the healing power of the sea and mountains, high-quality products are the guarantee of your health. Do you dream of living a long life and becoming a great-grandmother or great-grandfather? Life in this country will give happiness to see not only great-grandchildren, but also great-great-grandchildren!
The abundance of sunny days, pleasant sea breeze, mountain landscapes give children and their parents the delights of live communication and a sense of freedom, which we left together at the end of the last century. Walking along the embankment of Budva under the setting sun and cherry blossoms arm in arm with your beloved daughter or conquering the peaks of the Kolasin ski resort with your son is a feeling of boundless happiness that is much closer than you think!

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