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Full-Service Modern Construction Specialists in Montenegro

Adriatic Point’s multi-disciplinary team of specialists take care of everything – from groundwork, to reinforced concrete structures, masonry, and more.

We only use the best materials, such as concretes treated with hydrophobic additives, to ensure our buildings are suitable for living in.

Moreover, our building materials are carefully selected to tailor design decisions to specific projects.

Practical completion guarantee of up to 15 years.

Groundwork, Foundations, and Laying of Floor Slabs (internal and external)

Bricklaying of Interior and Exterior Walls.

Full-Service Roofing.

Erection of Underground and Surface Car Parks.

Installation of Retaining Walls & Fences.

Ready-to-Use Swimming Pools, Ponds, and Septic Tanks.

Dismantling of Old Buildings & Concrete Structures.

Asphalting of Paths, Access Roads, and Driveways.

Snagging & Finishing Work in Montenegro

It is not only an option: we consider it a requirement for our finishing work to prepare buildings to work for many years into the future.

Our work processes put the final touches on practical completion projects, using tried-and-tested materials and technologies from industry leaders to ensure all snags are fixed.

We also finish our buildings with a working awareness of specific issues related to Montenegro’s climate and landscapes.

All of our Montenegro finishing work includes a practical completion quality guarantee – with a 2-year warranty.

AdriaticPoint’s Finishing Work includes (but are not limited to):

Installation of Electrics, Plumbing, Heating, and Ventilation Units .

Plastering and Painting, Plasterboards, Stretch Ceilings, Contemporary Lighting, Screed Application, Parquet Laying, and Tiling.

Installation of Windows, Interior and Exterior Doors, as well as Railings and Fences for Terraces and Garages.

Full Waterproofing of Basements, Terraces, and Roofs

Thermal Insulation of Façades and Stylish Natural Stone Cladding.

Production and Installation of Pergolas, Furniture, and Decorative Elements (using natural woods).

Adriatic Point can provide either a start-to-finish service or different types of individual services.

Architecture Leaders

Our team of architects will ensure that your idea can work in real life. They provide:


Land Agents

We have industry-aware lawyers working alongside our land agents to make the paperwork process a breeze. They ensure all issues are covered, such as:

AdriaticPoint's Work Includes:

Architecture and Designing:

Our fully-qualified, expert designers and architects in our team plan full-service projects that operate on the practical level.

They develop unique, stylish projects of the highest quality, taking into account the individuals ideas and wishes of each client. Services they provide include:

3D Sketching & Concept Designing

Project Planning & Designing

Historic Renovation Projects

All Relevant Documentation

Engineering Supervision

Adriatic Point demand the highest standards from everybody involved in our projects. Therefore, technical supervision and project management on our construction sites are essential to our services.

We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests in dealing with contractors and public authorities.

Our engineers provide:

Organisation & Directing of Contractors

Technical Supervision at ALL Stages of Construction Projects

Fully-Qualified & Licensed Expertise On-Site

Acceptance of third-party and new-build jobs

Special Machinery Services

Our industry-standard machinery ensures efficient processes at all stages of construction.

From the delivery of earth, gravel, and other construction materials; to the intelligent extraction and dismantling of old buildings and structures. We make use of the most of the most up-to-date technologies available.

Our equipment includes:


Trucks for Transporting Crushed Stone, Earth, etc

Excavators, Vibrating Wacker Plates, Rollers

Asphalt Laying & Road Paving Machines.

Permit Documentation:

Our company is officially certified with a complete set of the necessary legal documents for construction companies in Montenegro.

And we also provide documentation services for building permissions on land and old property.

New properties built by us are always registered with the Montenegro’s official cadastre.

Permit documentations include:

Practical Completion Real Estate Construction Permits

Registration, Commissioning, and Legalisation of New-Builds.