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We develop and implement investment projects in Montenegro for our clients

Minimum investment of 300.000 euros

Guarantee of preservation of funds invested

Yield up to 40% per year

Stages of implementation

Search for land for the construction of real estate with the subsequent purchase for the investor.

At the first stage the specialists of our investment department analyze all available for development (both on the market and off-market) land plots in the resort towns of Montenegro. Once a promising site for investment has been found, the potential demand and current value are assessed. Thus the market indicators specific to a given area are taken into account.

For investment we offer our clients only those plots of land, cost of building on which, from 30% to 70% below the finished object in the area. Already at the first stage we check for legal clearance, analyze the parameters required for construction, and define a draft business plan.

We employ qualified architects who are well-versed in the current local building regulations. Our legal department coordinates the approval of the prepared permits. An important point is the development of the concept for the future real estate offer and the search for the best solution for the format of the property in the given location. Here architects and marketing specialists work together. The future real estate has to be in demand, and this is a combination of many factors.

Development of a full package of design documentation required to obtain a permit for the erection of the facility.

Construction of the facility on a turnkey basis.

After obtaining a construction permit, we start erecting the facility. We have our own full crews and the necessary special equipment, which gives us the opportunity to implement even the most complex projects. The high quality of our work is achieved by control at all stages.
We provide a 10-year warranty.

As soon as construction work begins, the object is immediately offered for sale. A visualization of the future interior and exterior is created to clearly demonstrate the project to potential buyers. Promotion is carried out through a developed network of contractors. All this allows us to provide a full cycle of project implementation: from search and purchase of land to the sale of real estate and subsequent support in the process of operation.

Sale or delivery of the erected object.


All investment projects are carefully selected

At the stage of project development we additionally involve specialists from other companies. In the analysis of the regional real estate market we are assisted by local real estate agencies that have the necessary information.

Fixed investment amounts

Estimates for full-cycle construction work are calculated with a high degree of accuracy. This is achieved through the joint work of economists and civil engineers. The investment amounts are fixed in the contract and do not change during the project implementation.

Guarantee of reliability and high liquidity of the project

All of our investment projects are in high demand among potential buyers at the building construction stage. This can be explained by the fact that our portfolio contains only land plots located in highly liquid areas of the resort area. Investments are attracted in one of the most stable currencies – the euro.

Fixed terms of project implementation

All stages of project implementation are fixed in the signed agreement in advance. In case of violation of the terms specified in the agreement, our company pays penalties for each day overdue.

100% guarantee of safety of funds

In the process of the transaction, the land plot, permitting and design documents, and all the objects erected are registered in the name of the individuals who act as investors in the project. The signed agreement for attracting investments is notarized. This guarantees the reliability of invested funds for the investor.

Comprehensive implementation of the investment project

All the necessary measures for the investment project are implemented by our company. We help both at the stage of investing money through financial institutions in Montenegro, and in the process of selling the built object.

Investment projects

Adriatic Point Company

Investment Department

 We are professionally engaged in the implementation of investment projects in real estate in Montenegro since 2006. We have practical experience in implementing full cycle investment projects of varying complexity. In our activities we never rely only on our own opinion, for us it is always important the opinion of other market participants. We have extensive experience and expertise in determining the profitability and liquidity of projects under construction.

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