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Selection of plots for construction in Montenegro

Selection of plots for construction in Montenegro

Selection of plots for construction. Verification of documents.
When choosing a site for the construction of a house, it is necessary to take into account the compliance of the location of the format of the planned facility. Over the years, we often had to deal with situations when apartment buildings are built far from large settlements, often in forests or on the slopes of the mountains. At the same time, cottage villages that do not have not only access to the sea, but also ordinary beaches in adequate availability, are also not rare. It is difficult to say what could be due to such an inadequate choice of location of the site. Probably, the problem is the impulsiveness of the choice or incompetent advice adopted by the investor.
Despite the fact that the inadequacy of the choice of location is not directly related to the specifics of the region, in Montenegro this issue is acute. The above examples are extreme, in practice, it is even more complicated and ambiguous. The result of such a choice is the inability to realize the real estate object in an inappropriate place. The investor literally burns his money into the ground.
Difficulty selection of a site for construction
The choice of the site should be determined not only by its location. Another very important question is the building permit on the purchased area. According to Montenegrin laws, you can legally build only on urbanized lands. On such a site, the construction of capital facilities is provided for by a urban planning plan. Unfortunately, the situations when the investor buys a plot of non -contorted (that is, not intended for construction) land is quite common. Sometimes the reason lies in the fact that the buyer simply does not know how to check the site. Sometimes a foreign investor is tritely deceived. Regardless of the reasons for which the non -notorbanized section was acquired, the result is always sad, but in this case there are various ways to solve the current situation.
Underwater rocks
What to pay attention to when you selected a good place with permission to build, profitable in price? What pitfalls expect an investor and what the mistakes made can lead to. First of all, you need to remember that the purchase of land for development in Montenegro has many nuances. The mistake made can lead to the same sad consequences as the purchase of land not intended for construction. Consider briefly the main nuances that must be taken into account when choosing a site.
Concepts of the cadastral and urban section
The cadastral plot according to Montenegrin laws is called the physical space of the Earth, the owner of which the investor becomes after the completion of the transaction. The urban section is the imposition of a urban planning plan on the actual map of the terrain. The cadastral and urbanist area must coincide completely. If they do not coincide, the situation can develop differently:
When buying a part of the urbanist site, to obtain a building permit, it will be necessary to develop a plan for the development of all urbanized land indicating the stages of the construction of all facilities. It will be necessary to provide the consent of the owners of the remaining cadastral sites included in the urban.
With a partial mismatch of the boundaries of the cadastral and urban section (there is enough discrepancy in 1 sq. Meter), it will be necessary to provide the neighbor’s consent to actions on your site.
The access roads to the site are not always laid according to the urban planning plan. The entrance can take place on private land. In this case, after the conclusion of the transaction, you can find a barrier on the road. The difficulty lies in the fact that even if the road is laid according to the urban plan, but the land is private ownership, and the municipality has not yet paid its owner for removal, the situation will be the same – the land owner has the right to close the passage.
Another important aspect, which largely determines the suitability of the selected site for an investment purchase is the availability of engineering communications (power supply, water supply). For example, the need to lay electric networks to the site can make its purchase economically inappropriate.
Be sure to check the legal cleanliness and ownership of the site, and the transaction itself when buying. For example, the Earth may be under a judicial dispute, in the pledge, the plot may have several owners. Be sure to check the legality of the powers of attorney from the seller from the owners of the land.
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