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Purchase of land in Montenegro

Purchase of land in Montenegro

Montenegro is a young country of the Balkan Peninsula, which declared its independence in 2006 after the collapse of Yugoslavia. Despite the “young age”, Montenegro (the name of Montenegro in Italian) has something to brag about. There are unique nature reserves here, some of which are included in the UNESCO list, there is access to the Adriatic Sea, on the coast of which recreation centers and hotels are being actively built. Every year, Montenegro receives tourists, the number of which is many times greater than the population of the state itself.

Stable economic development, the euro as the main currency, possible soon EU membership together with natural beauty make the country a great place to buy real estate.

Why you need to invest in real estate in Montenegro

Legislation and various programs of the Montenegrin government, as well as liberal taxation, create limitless investment opportunities. It does not matter what country you are from – everyone can buy a piece of land in Montenegro, even foreigners.

The active development of tourism contributes to the fact that the property purchased today will have a higher value over time. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a piece of land or a finished object. In addition, you can rent out residential and commercial premises and get a good passive income.

Features of buying a land plot in Montenegro

There are many protected areas in Montenegro, so when choosing a land plot for construction, you need to take into account some nuances. There are three categories of land:

  • Urbanized. Here the investor has the right to build residential and commercial buildings without restrictions and freely register for himself.
  • Green Zone. There are some construction restrictions in accordance with the Spanish 1st Line
  • Convention. In some cases, a special building permit may be required.
  • Non-urban area. Any construction is prohibited by law.


In order to purchase a land plot without risks, please contact our construction company. We are engaged not only in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, but also help clients in the selection of land. Before drawing up a purchase / sale agreement, our lawyers will check all documents for a specific property.

Cooperation with us guarantees the security of transactions and protects your investments.

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