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Analysis and inspection of project documentation in Montenegro

Analysis and inspection of project documentation in Montenegro

Montenegro is an actively developing tourist country of the Balkan Peninsula, located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Having your own property here is a real dream. Indeed, in this case, you can enjoy resort life at any convenient time, regardless of the season.

In addition, owning a house in Montenegro is an excellent investment for receiving passive income from renting a living space. Especially if rented during the holiday season, when there is a maximum influx of tourists.

But in order to build a house or commercial property in Montenegro, it is necessary to strictly comply with local laws regarding the alienation of a land plot and the further construction of a house. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of project documentation.

Difficulties in agreeing on project documentation

In accordance with the laws of Montenegro, only a licensed company can develop a future construction project. And the documents themselves must have complete information about the future construction. They consist of the following parts:

  1. General provisions. They contain the main characteristics of the object, such as area, height, number of floors and rooms, type of construction and materials.
  2. Conceptual solution. Here are the primary sketches of the object, defining its shape, structure and location on the site.
  3. Preliminary design. A document that contains more detailed sketches of the object, giving an idea of its architectural appearance, functional zoning, layout and design of facades.
  4. Project for obtaining a building permit. This document contains all calculations, drawings and diagrams to prove the compliance of the object with the requirements of legislation and regulations in the field of construction, as well as to obtain specifications from utilities and other interested authorities.

The collected project documentation is submitted for consideration by the commission for assessing its compliance with construction standards and other legislative acts in force in Montenegro.

The problem is that only the initial review of the documentation lasts at least 15 days, and the approval takes from 30 to 60 days, provided that no additional examinations are required or other difficulties arise. In addition, the issuance of the agreed documentation takes 15 days.
It is worth adding a bureaucratic factor and disagreement between different bodies and stakeholders, which require certain confirmations, additional documents.

All these temporary losses have a negative impact on the timing of the commissioning of the facility and become a cause of losses if the submitted project documentation is rejected.

What are the benefits of reviewing and inspecting project documentation?

Analysis and inspection of project documentation allows:

  • reduce the risk of errors, shortcomings and conflicts in the design, construction and operation of the facility;
  • save time and money on correcting possible problems and penalties for violation of laws and regulations;
  • improve the quality and safety of the facility, as well as its energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The main thing is to find an appropriate company that will perform a qualitative analysis and inspection of project documentation. It must be a licensed organization with permits and qualified personnel for the implementation of this kind of work.

The company’s specialists must have knowledge of local legislation, regulations, standards and rules in the field of construction, experience in working with various types of construction projects, for example, residential, commercial, industrial, tourist, etc.

Pay attention to the company’s reputation, confirmed by reviews and recommendations from previous customers.

Why analysis and inspection of project documentation should be ordered from AdriaticPoint Construction?

Adriatic Point provides a full range of services to support construction projects in Montenegro. The company has licenses, knowledge, experience and resources to conduct qualitative analysis and inspection of project documentation.

In addition, AdriaticPoint Construction has extensive experience in other areas related to real estate in Montenegro:

  • selection of land plots for construction;
  • development of the concept, design and project of the object;
  • preparation and approval of project documentation;
  • obtaining permits for construction and operation;
  • organization, execution and control of construction works.

If you want to build your house in Montenegro or implement any other construction project in this country, contact AdriaticPoint Construction – your trusted construction partner.

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