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Ceramic tile laying

Ceramic tile laying

City: Tivat
Housing type: Apartment
Work period: 2020

Laying ceramic tiles in bathrooms.

In the work on the flooring and walls of 6 bathrooms in the apartment building, we used large-format Italian ceramic tiles, 120×60 cm in size.

Such a tile area is quite large, and in order not to leave gaps in the corners, we carefully cut out the appropriate part with a tile cutter.

The walls and floor are waterproofed to keep moisture out, and the tiles are secured with an adhesive suitable for wet areas.

An installation is built into the wall that fixes the hanging toilet, this option allows you to free up space in the bathroom.

The shower is formed by the walls of the bathroom and a glass partition, this solution looks much more aesthetically pleasing than standard cubicles.

Work guarantee – 10 years

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