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Capital construction of an apartment building in Tivat

Capital construction of an apartment building in Tivat

City: Tivat
Housing type: Apartment building
Work period: 2018

Stage of construction of an apartment building.

Montenegro Tivat


Building characteristics:

▫ Total area: 800 m2

▫ 4 floors,

▫ 10 apartments,

▫ the presence of an elevator shaft,

▫ flat reinforced concrete roof.


Works performed by our company:

▫ Site selection,

▫ development of full project documentation,

▫ issuance of a building permit,

▫ construction of the building structure.


Construction work on the construction of a residential building structure includes:

▫ Site preparation,

▫ land works,

▫ laying of underground communications,

▫ strengthening of the site under the base of the foundation,

▫ arrangement of reinforced concrete foundations in the form of a slab 50 cm thick,

▫ installation of reinforced concrete walls/pillars/ceilings,

▫ brickwork.


The back wall of the ground floor is made of concrete with reinforced reinforcement to reinforce the land embankment of the adjacent property. Concrete with hydrophobic additives was used in the foundation, roof and walls of the first floor


▫ The cost of design work is 15 euro/m2.

▫ The cost of erection of the frame of the building on a turnkey basis is 160 EUR/m2.

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