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Analysis and inspection of project documentation in Montenegro

Analysis and inspection of project documentation in Montenegro

The opportunity to build your own house in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe attracts foreign investors and developers to Montenegro. On the other hand, it is sometimes very difficult to legalize construction in Montenegro. One of the stages of the procedure is the approval of the project.
What you need to know about agreement
A fully finished project is submitted to the municipality or the Ministry of Economic Development of the country. The choice of institution depends on the area of ​​the object. Projects of houses, more than 3000 m2 are approved by the commission of the Ministry. All other approvals are made in the department of urbanism.
It should be borne in mind that, according to the laws of the country, only a licensed firm can engage in architectural design. The package of project documentation, in addition to the architectural and urban planning justification, draft and working plans, also includes:
— Calculated data on loads on building structures
– Results of geodetic and seismological surveys
— Various agreements (with the fire service, conditions of water and electricity supply, etc.).
— The Commission assesses the compliance of the project with the current construction standards and makes a decision on issuing a permit. After signing an agreement with the municipal authorities and paying taxes, a building permit is issued in Montenegro.
The services provided by our construction company in Montenegro is the easiest way to avoid a long procedure.
Cooperating with us, you:

  • Save your time. Our specialists will fully prepare the project documentation, check its engineering and technical part for compliance with the standards, and receive all the necessary approvals from the urbanization department.
  • Guaranteed to get permission. If necessary, we will make improvements, prepare the missing documents.
  • Avoid “legal traps”. The construction legislation of Montenegro differs significantly from the Russian regulatory framework. Turning to the specialists of our company, you can not worry that you will miss important points due to ignorance of the laws of another country.
    We offer a full range of services in the real estate market, we provide a guarantee for all work performed. Decided to build a house in Montenegro? Contact Adriatic Point.

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