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Build or buy?
Advantages of housing construction in Montenegro

Build or buy?
Advantages of housing construction in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with a visa-free regime for Russians. Its legislation allows foreign citizens to buy real estate with virtually no restrictions. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe. All this makes Montenegrin real estate attractive for Russian citizens.
Profitable investment – building a house
Despite some difficulties, building a house in Montenegro is more profitable than buying a ready-made one. This is largely due to the peculiarities of the Montenegrin real estate market itself. In this country, there are not enough quality ready-made houses and villas. Demand clearly exceeds supply. The difficulty of choosing a house or apartment on the “secondary” is not the only argument in favor of construction. There are other important benefits as well.
What makes up the cost?
A turnkey house in Montenegro will save about 2 times compared to buying a home. Cost items include:
– Purchase of land (always safer with an experienced real estate specialist),
– Creation of an architectural project in a licensed company,
– Payment of a utility tax on construction (the amount of the tax depends on the city, distance from the sea and many other factors. There are many ways to legally reduce the amount of this tax),
– Construction and installation works (only by a licensed construction company, since private builders without accreditation often save on the safety of the future building by choosing cheap materials),
– Payment for the services of a construction company (a flexible system of payments is possible with us).
Adriatic Point is a construction company in Montenegro that has a license to operate. We build houses under the supervision of government agencies, which means that you are fully insured against possible risks.
Building a dream house
We will help you find a site that will fully meet your wishes. Traditionally, the most popular are the Budva Riviera, the coast of the Bay of Kotor, Tivat, the Lustica Peninsula and the Bar Riviera.
In the secondary market of Montenegro, there are housing built 10-20 years ago, as well as more modern 2-4-year-old villas. Unfortunately, both of them do not meet modern requirements. Self-construction in Montenegro guarantees you a dream home, created according to your project, with the layout and engineering systems you need.
Quality assurance from our company
Adriatic Point is the only company that provides a construction guarantee. You will receive a home with a 10-year warranty on the structures and a 2-year warranty on the finishes. By becoming our client, you will become the owner of reliable, high-quality and durable housing. You will be able to control all stages of construction together with the engineer and developer.

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