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It is easy to build your house in Montenegro

It is easy to build your house in Montenegro

For a foreigner who decides to acquire his own real estate in the Adriatic, building a house in Montenegro is one of the most expedient decisions. It is much more profitable than buying a ready-made object. By contacting AdriaticPoint, you can become the owner of your own property, built according to all your wishes, in just 9 months.
Building land
The first step of an investor who decides to build his own house in Montenegro is the selection and purchase of a plot. All lands are divided into two broad categories:
Urbanized. They are included in the general and detailed urbanization plans (GUP and DUP). Foreign citizens can buy urbanized lands without restrictions, construction is allowed on them.
Non-urbanized. In order to become the owner of this category of land, a foreigner must register a legal entity. Legal building on such land is impossible. This category includes 50-70% of the plots.
Important! Be sure to check the legal purity of the transaction, the availability of all documents, including DUP (detailed urban plan).
Design and approval
The development of the project can only be carried out by licensed design bureaus of Montenegro. If the investor has an example of a draft design of a future home or hotel, this design should be redesigned and adapted to local standards.
Project documentation is being approved. After passing the approval of the ideological (sketch) project in the architectural department of the municipality, the owner concludes an agreement with the mayor’s office to pay the construction tax. The next step will be the development of the main architectural design, the revision of the project in a third-party licensed organization, payment for urban infrastructure connections, and notification of the Ministry of Economic Development about the start of construction of the facility. This notice, correctly executed, is in fact a building permit.
We build a house: from foundation to commissioning
Attention! Construction during the holiday season (from June 15 to September 15) is prohibited in many regions of Montenegro.
It is not possible to build a house on your own by hiring local workers, due to the lack of documentary support for the construction process. A reliable option is the work of a licensed construction company. At Adriatic Point you can order a villa, apartment building or a turnkey hotel in Montenegro. It means,
that we will take care of all the issues. We give a guarantee – 10 years for load-bearing structures and 2 years for finishing work and materials.
The completed object is accepted by the commission. Specialists inspect it, check the characteristics for compliance with the resolution. After commissioning, the new building is entered into the cadastre and receives a postal address.

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