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Mold at home in Montenegro. How to choose the right property in Montenegro.

Mold at home in Montenegro. How to choose the right property in Montenegro.

When inspecting property in Montenegro before buying or renting, look for mold in corners, on ceilings, around windows and outside walls.
The problem of mold in Montenegro is ubiquitous and developers often try to hide it. Pay attention to the humidity in the rooms as well. The main reason for the appearance of mold is the difference in temperature and humidity levels in the room and on the street.
In addition, you should be aware that poor waterproofing, lack of ventilation systems and the sick house syndrome will definitely manifest themselves when the first autumn rains come, when the indoor temperature is higher than the ambient temperature.
Most Montenegrin real estate is built for summer living, with no ventilation, hydro and thermal insulation. The maximum that developers occasionally do not skimp on is air conditioners, despite the fact that these systems do not solve the problem of mold in any way.
This type of property will be subject to the following:

  • due to the lack of thermal insulation, the overspending on heating will be measured in hundreds of euros;
  • the inner walls will remain cold for most of the year, which undoubtedly causes discomfort during permanent residence;
  • cold walls, coupled with a lack of ventilation, will generate mold in the most prone to this places. This will occur due to the fact that more heated air contains more moisture, which, in the absence of ventilation, will settle in the form of condensate on those very cold walls and ceilings.
    In some cases, developers in Montenegro do splurge on waterproofing, but the lack of experience in quality construction creates ‘thermal bridges’ that cause the walls to bloom.
    Be that as it may, here we will show you some tips on how to avoid these problems when accepting or choosing a property:
  • check walls, ceilings, corners, around doors and around windows for stains that are different from the color of the walls;
  • be especially careful if repairs have recently been carried out and the walls have been repainted. In this case, inspect which walls were repainted and make sure that this was not done partially;
  • trust your nose. If you felt an unpleasant smell in the room, the smell of paint or extreme humidity, then you made a mistake with the door.
  • check the presence of supply ventilation valves and exhaust fans in each room. In their absence, you acquire real estate that will show you exactly what mold, stale air and daily discomfort from living with this enemy of your lungs and skin are;
  • also, open windows in the room in question are a bad sign. This fact shows the desire of property owners to hide unpleasant odors.
  • ask to see electricity bills if you are going to buy a secondary market property. If this is an apartment in a new building where there are already residents, contact them for advice;
    – the quality of waterproofing is quite difficult to check, as soon as the facade work has already been completed on the building, so the priority will always be to build your own corner, where you could control all stages of the construction of the house;
  • pay attention to the type of space heating system. Underfloor heating and central heating would be ideal.
    Usually, it takes at least six months to choose a property suitable for comfortable living, and this process is associated with many different unpleasant situations, while the construction process from the moment the land selection begins to the handover of the facility to state supervision should not take more than a year, despite the fact that all construction work takes no more than 8 months of this year.
    Having decided to build your house in Montenegro, you get many advantages, ranging from your own design, layouts and materials, to control of all stages of construction and a guarantee from the developer.
    Our company provides a guarantee for all types of construction work in Montenegro.

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