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Tivat and Porto Montenegro

Tivat and Porto Montenegro

Tivat is located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor. Despite the fact that this city is the youngest in Boka, Tivat can offer a very interesting range of cultural and leisure activities and historical monuments. The Renaissance House in the central part of the city, Cveche Island with ancient shrines, Gornja Lastva, the ancient core of the region located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, the amazingly beautiful Plavi Horizon beach and the island of St. Nikola are the most popular tourist destinations in Tivat. In the city itself there is a natural marina Kaliman. Tivat is also the only city on the coast that has an airport, which receives hundreds of planes from all over the world every day. The city offers to visit a sufficient number of exhibitions and events, such as the Bokarska Olympiad, the Summer Festival and many others.
Despite the size of the municipality of Tivat, which includes part of Lustica, Krasici, Tivat airport, Bigovo, Gornja and Donja Lastva, Lepetane and of course Porto Montenegro, the surf line and the mountain range of the region do not allow you to break away from enjoying the beauty of these places.
But, of course, one of the most interesting places to visit is Porto Montenegro. Today, Tivat is the most popular holiday destination on the entire Adriatic, thanks to the new marina with super-yachts from all over the world and an amazing modern village for the owners of those very yachts.
Porto Montenegro
Born from the vision of a major investor, Canadian businessman Peter Munk, Porto Montenegro Marina has become a work of art among similar projects around the world. Porto Montenegro includes the infrastructure of the naval base of the former Yugoslavia and modern design superimposed on innovative technologies. Currently, the marina offers more than 630 berths for yachts and catamarans of various sizes, the highest quality known level of service for ships and superyachts, including a nearby dry dock and repair station. In addition, Porto Montenegro offers for sale a coastal community of multi-purpose water and coastal villas, hotels, restaurants, shops, water sports and other leisure facilities.
However, this is just a part of the story, the direction itself is an unimaginable project in terms of its architectural literacy. Porto Montenegro lies within the most idealistic and natural Bay of Kotor. Under the protection of UNESCO, the bay is the southernmost European fjord and the largest natural harbor in the eastern Mediterranean.
Yachts are getting bigger, and as a result, people complain about the lack of suitable marinas to accommodate their size. But, Porto Montenegro has become a real salvation for many, not only the marina, but also the address of yacht registration, as the least expensive tax region in the Adriatic.
The construction company “Adriatic Point” has completed and successfully handed over four properties, of which one apartment building and three private houses / villas in Tivat, Montenegro. With our help, you can build a house, villa or apartment building in Tivat, Montenegro.

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