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Why living in Montenegro is the key to health and longevity

Why living in Montenegro is the key to health and longevity

Diseases bypass Montenegro. 

These are not just nice words. How do you feel after a weekend at the cottage? Clean air, pleasant level of physical activity, fresh food. A blush appears, headaches go away, a charge of strength comes for the next working week. You feel great.

How do people who have chosen Montenegro as their permanent residence feel? What are they sick with? Only one incurable disease – the love of life. Cardiovascular diseases, problems with the musculoskeletal system, allergies, asthma and other common diseases are not terrible for the inhabitants of the country.

Why is life expectancy higher and morbidity lower in Montenegro?

Objective factors:

  • subtropical climate, generous number of warm days per year, hence people spend a lot of time outdoors;
  • water of the Adriatic Sea, which contains the ideal level of salt for the body (38 mg of salt per 1 g of water);
  • clean water with a useful chemical composition not only in the sea, but also in the water supply
    a large number of ions, essential oils, ozone in the air;
  • abundant vegetation, numerous woodlands;
  • national cuisine, consisting of fresh local vegetables, fruits, as well as selected meat: lamb, veal, pork thermal springs;
  • the opportunity to engage in active sports all year round (running, swimming, windsurfing, diving, skiing);
  • the presence of a large number of sanatorium-resort institutions;
  • low level of criminalization of society.


Subjective factors (but no less significant)

Those people who have been living here since birth see the sun, the sea and the mountains every day – what is enough for them to be happy. Those who came here to live from another country appreciate the same thing, only many times more, because they know firsthand what traffic jams, stress, rush, air pollution in megacities and rest once a year (and then, if possible save up and the authorities will agree). Moving to Montenegro, for such people, is a decision that once again reminds them that they can not only dream, but also fulfill their desires, giving themselves and their children a healthy and successful future.

A house outside the city, or maybe the country?

We do not build houses, we do everything to build your comfortable life by the sea!
Assistance in ensuring a comfortable life for the client in all areas is one of the main ideas for building real estate in Montenegro from Adriatic Point.

Our clients move to Montenegro and enjoy the summer sea and winter skiing any day of the week. Many people decide to change their place of residence with whole families or friendly companies and order the construction of several houses at once in closed cottage settlements.

“It would be nice to live by the sea” – if this phrase accompanies your thoughts for several years, then there is only one day to make the first one and explore the options for building real estate in Montenegro. That day is today!

We wish you a good day today and life by the sea tomorrow!

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