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Building a house: the laws and regulations of Montenegro

Building a house: the laws and regulations of Montenegro

The construction of a house in itself is a complex, multi-stage process, which includes not only the direct construction of the building, but also the development of the project, obtaining the appropriate permits for construction work. And if you build abroad, without being a citizen of the country, the whole process becomes several times more complicated, and Montenegro is no exception. It has its own laws and regulations that must be followed.

Why is it important to know the laws and regulations for building a house in Montenegro?

Knowledge of the legislation of Montenegro is a mandatory requirement for those who plan to purchase a land plot in this country and build a house on it. This is necessary not only to avoid construction delays caused by conflict situations with government agencies, but also legal liability in the future. This is especially true for commercial real estate, which are regularly checked for compliance with certain standards.
It is worth noting that, in accordance with the law on foreigners in Montenegro, all foreign citizens who own their own home in this country can obtain a residence permit. Therefore, it is better to avoid problems during its construction so that the desired status can be achieved without problems.

Laws regarding the construction of a house in Montenegro

Research into local building laws and regulations should begin before purchasing land and hiring a contractor. This is necessary in order to be able to control the work of builders and make claims for non-compliance with the rules in time.

About the construction and arrangement of the territory

This law regulates the entire construction industry in Montenegro. It sets out the requirements for obtaining permits, design and the quality of the building materials used. Particular attention is paid to the regulation of the activities of companies providing construction services. According to Montenegrin legislation, these firms must obtain a special license to conduct business. Accordingly, if the construction of your house will be carried out by a company that does not have permission, there will be problems with the registration of this property.


This is a set of requirements and standards that apply to the quality of building materials used to build a house in Montenegro, the design and direct construction of buildings. The documents contain the norms that load-bearing structures must comply with, the parameters of resistance to external factors, and their energy efficiency.

Importance of knowledge of laws and regulations for building a house in Montenegro

Knowledge of the laws and regulations is a prerequisite for the successful construction of a house in Montenegro. Their observance ensures the safety of builders and future residents. Understanding the rules and regulations allows you to avoid possible problems not only with government agencies, but also with future neighbors, and also reduces the risk of emergencies and downtime. Timely payment of all property taxes in Montenegro speeds up the process of obtaining the necessary permits and certificates for the finished object

You can learn more about what you need to consider when building a house in this Balkan country by reading the article “Construction features in Montenegro”.

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