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The most profitable real estate in Montenegro for investment

The most profitable real estate in Montenegro for investment

Montenegro is a young state located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea with a promising and rapidly developing economy. The country is rich in stunning mountain landscapes, beaches, unique historical architecture. In addition, the state is a candidate for the European Union and a member of NATO. This status gives confidence that development here will not stall, the country will be on a par with the richer neighbors of the Adriatic Sea.

Even now, the standard of living in Montenegro is considered average European. The country’s GDP per capita at purchasing power parity is $20,602, which is the average for the European Union. The decline in the Montenegrin economy was recorded only during the pandemic in 2021, but already in 2022, growth again went up ahead of schedule.

If you do not invest in real estate in this Balkan country right now, in 5-10 years its value will equalize with the prices of the best resorts in the Mediterranean. We have already written why Montenegro is the best country for investing in real estate, and now we will focus on describing the cities where it is best to invest money.

The state of the real estate market in Montenegro

Buying property in Montenegro should be considered as a long-term investment. The country is only gaining momentum and popularity as a tourist center among Europeans, so the prospects here are huge. In addition, the Montenegrin government is very liberal towards foreign investors. Those who wish can even obtain citizenship or a residence permit. This option is especially popular among citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

The cost per square meter of real estate in Montenegro, as in other tourist countries, depends on the distance from the sea and the development of infrastructure in a particular city or town. It will be cheaper to buy real estate in the northern regions of the country, where the price starts from 1400 euros per m2.

In the capital of Podgorica, you can find objects from 1800 to 3500 euros / m2. It all depends on what part of the city a particular object is located.

The most expensive in coastal cities and towns, where the price reaches 8,000, and in some cases 12,000 euros per square meter.

If you invest from scratch, even at the stage of building an object, you can save about 40% of its cost after delivery. The price will only grow every year: the average growth is at least 4% per annum. Therefore, investing in real estate in Montenegro is the right decision, with an almost guaranteed income.

Overview of the best places to invest in real estate in Montenegro

Before buying property in Montenegro, decide on its location. Not only the cost of the object, but also the investment payback directly depends on this.

The following cities are the most promising for investment in construction.


The most popular resort town in Montenegro. It is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and is famous for its sandy beaches, crystal water and picturesque architecture, which is the national cultural heritage of the country. Real estate here has a high price, which is growing every year. This makes Budva a great place for investors who value stable passive income. It is especially profitable to rent out housing here during the tourist season.


The ancient city on the shores of the Bay of Kotor, is located in the northern part of Montenegro. Kotor is surrounded by mountains, so it is good to develop the ski business here, which has a positive effect on the investment attractiveness of the city.

Due to its location, real estate here is characterized by a higher cost than in other northern regions of Montenegro. Kotor has great potential for tourism development, especially due to the growing interest of investors in small and unique towns.


The capital and business center of Montenegro, where there are opportunities for investing in commercial real estate. Despite the rapid development of the city, the cost of real estate here is lower than on the coast. However, in the future, due to the general development of the country’s economy, prices are expected to rise in Podgorica, respectively, you need to think about investing in the capital of Montenegro right now.


Coastal city, known for a large number of yacht clubs and harbors. There are many opportunities for real estate investment here: exclusive residential complexes, villas on the first line and commercial properties. Tivat is also home to an international airport, making it an accessible destination for tourists. The city is actively developing and many new real estate projects appear here.

Each of the above locations has its own advantages, so the choice of a specific one depends solely on your investment goals and budget. However, the attractive cost of housing in Montenegro, the wonderful climate, beautiful scenery and the growing economy make this country a great place to invest money.

Types of real estate in Montenegro

This country of the Balkan Peninsula offers potential investors a wide range of different properties:

  • Apartments. The possibility of acquiring apartments in an apartment building is in all cities of Montenegro. It can be either an ordinary living space or a luxurious penthouse. The advantage of the apartment is minimal maintenance. You can rent it out (especially profitable during the holiday period) or use it for seasonal holidays.
  • Houses and villas. This type of property is popular in the coastal cities of Montenegro, due to its high profitability and convenience. However, maintaining a house, and even more so a villa, requires monthly costs, so the purchase should be realized for a permanent residence or rental.
  • Commercial real estate. A special investment attraction are shops, offices and warehouses located in Podgorica or Bar. These cities are characterized by high population density and well-developed infrastructure. Accordingly, shops, restaurants here are in demand among citizens and tourists.
  • Hotel apartments. In such cities of Montenegro as Budva, Tivat and Kotor there are many apartment hotels. These properties are a combination of residential and commercial properties.

Do not forget about the possibility of investing in a land plot with the subsequent construction of a residential or commercial facility, or resale at a higher price.

Benefits of investing in real estate in Montenegro

Investing in real estate for residential or commercial purposes in Montenegro has the following advantages:

  • Geographical position. The country is located on the Balkan Peninsula near the coast of the Adriatic Sea. In fact, the whole of Montenegro is a continuous resort base for recreation and tourism. Therefore, real estate in Montenegro has great potential to increase its value.
  • The economic growth. Due to tourism, the country’s economy is rapidly developing and showing stable growth. For investors, this means that there is a great potential for obtaining a systematic high income.
  • Variety of options. Here you can buy any real estate – from an apartment or small private houses to villas and just plots of land for building.
  • Low taxes. Montenegrin government programs to attract investors include reduced tax pressure on buying and owning real estate.

To learn more about the pros and cons of investing in overseas property in Montenegro, please contact our company AdriaticPoint Construction. We provide assistance in the acquisition and construction of facilities throughout the country.

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