Plots of land in Lustica peninsula

Exclusive offers for real estate, plots of land for construction, and a range of completed Adriatic Point projects.

600 500 €

If you are planning to invest in real estate or buy a plot of land in a picturesque location, Lustica in Montenegro is an ideal choice. It is a peninsula in the Adriatic Sea that boasts breathtaking scenery and stunning beaches.

Buying land in Lustica (Montenegro)

The process of buying a plot of land in Lustica is simple. You need to contact AdriaticPoint Construction, which has extensive experience in the area. They will give you a list of available plots and guide you through the purchasing process.

Once you find the perfect spot, you’ll need to sign a sales contract and post a deposit to secure it. AdriaticPoint Construction’s legal department will perform a site inspection. After the purchase and sale agreement is signed, a lawyer will work to transfer ownership of the land to you.

AdriaticPoint Construction is a full-service construction company. This means that, contacting us, you can not only buy a plot of land in Montenegro, but also get ready object of real estate (cottage, apartment house) on a turnkey basis with ready-made exterior and interior decoration.

Advantages of land in Lustica

Montenegro is one of the fastest growing economies in the Balkans due to the significant investments in infrastructure and tourism. Therefore, owning a plot of land in Lustica can be a profitable long-term investment. In addition, property taxes in Montenegro are relatively low compared to EU countries.
Due to the beautiful coastline and unspoiled nature Lustica is becoming popular among tourists. This means that there is a growing demand for rental properties in the area, which will bring a good income during the tourist season.