Construction features in Montenegro

Montenegro is a young state in the southeast of Europe. In addition to the fact that the territory of the country was part of the former Yugoslavia, it is rich in cultural and historical heritage. Montenegro has access to the Adriatic Sea, on the coast of which there are beautiful beaches, and even the famous […]

Why living in Montenegro is the key to health and longevity

Diseases bypass Montenegro. These are not just nice words. How do you feel after a weekend at the cottage? Clean air, pleasant level of physical activity, fresh food. A blush appears, headaches go away, a charge of strength comes for the next working week. You feel great.How do people who have chosen Montenegro as their […]

Everything you need to know about construction in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula with a developed tourism industry and potential for infrastructure development. Increasingly, investors are choosing to build houses rather than buying ready-made ones. We tell you why this happens, what are the nuances and how much it costs to build a house in Montenegro. Pros and cons […]

Buying real estate for cryptocurrency and the Russian ruble.

Now you can buy real estate or pay for construction work with cryptocurrency, as well as rubles. Now you can buy real estate or pay for construction with cryptocurrency, as well as rubles. AdriaticPoint Construction has officially announced the start of sales of real estate with cryptocurrency settlement. The new option also applies to payment […]

Selection of plots for construction in Montenegro

Selection of plots for construction. Verification of documents.When choosing a site for the construction of a house, it is necessary to take into account the compliance of the location of the format of the planned facility. Over the years, we often had to deal with situations when apartment buildings are built far from large settlements, […]

Kotor and Boka – Kotor Bay

The city is located on the shore of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, which of the Gulf. Previously, Kotor was used as a port and refuge for merchants and sailors from around the world.The old city of Kotor has been perfectly preserved and is still organized according to the Middle Ages. […]

Mold at home in Montenegro. How to choose the right property in Montenegro.

When inspecting property in Montenegro before buying or renting, look for mold in corners, on ceilings, around windows and outside walls.The problem of mold in Montenegro is ubiquitous and developers often try to hide it. Pay attention to the humidity in the rooms as well. The main reason for the appearance of mold is the […]

Tivat and Porto Montenegro

Tivat is located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor. Despite the fact that this city is the youngest in Boka, Tivat can offer a very interesting range of cultural and leisure activities and historical monuments. The Renaissance House in the central part of the city, Cveche Island with ancient shrines, Gornja Lastva, […]

Childhood in Montenegro

Gentle summer sun and mild winter – this is not something worth buying property in Montenegro for.This article, written with care for them, will tell you why it is really worth investing in square meters on the Adriatic coast.Fresh blush, enviable appetite and strong immunity – your children will be healthy! They will stop spending […]

It is easy to build your house in Montenegro

For a foreigner who decides to acquire his own real estate in the Adriatic, building a house in Montenegro is one of the most expedient decisions. It is much more profitable than buying a ready-made object. By contacting AdriaticPoint, you can become the owner of your own property, built according to all your wishes, in […]